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Building your business begins with you. If you have clear set goals and understand that a consistent look throughout your website, social media, and all printed items is essential to making a lasting impression, then you are ready to take yourself to the next level. In a society completely saturated with marketing, where we are taking in thousands of advertisements a day, a strong brand stands out. Weak brands are dismissed. 

Let's create an ultimate brand identity for your business that's uniquely you! Invest in yourself today.

1. The First Date: In person, skype, phone, your choice! Either way, it's exciting! We'll get to know each other and discuss the vision of your business.

2. Creative Brief: Along with a comprehensive questionnaire, you'll teach me why you love what you do! 

3. Brainstorming: Here we'll gather and create visual inspiration regarding the style & strategy of your brand's presentation.

4. Design: Design of your brand's identity, website, corresponding social media, and collateral print items.

5. Launch Day: Get the royal treatment and celebrate your brand with me on my blog!




1. All inclusive questionnaires, creative brief, and inspiration board to understand the direction of your brand

2. Complete brand style guide featuring signature patterns, typography, and illustrations.

3. Logo design complete with three alternative concepts.

4. Fully responsive desktop & mobile web design with graphics and the option to add blog and e-commerce.

5. Three print items if your choice
(i.e. business cards, etc.)

includes 4 revisions
time frame: 4 weeks
individual items & pricing available upon request




1. Strategically crafted fully responsive web design with the option to add blog and e-commerce.  

2. Responsive view on desktop, mobile, or tablet so your business always look its best!

3. Corresponding Facebook and Twitter branded design.

4. User friendly web management system and easy run through on how to maintain your site!

 includes 2 revisions
time frame: 2 weeks


Five print items of your choice.
Items can include:

1. Business cards

2. Event Flyers

3. Thank you cards

4. Film Posters

5. Letterheads

6. Album covers

7. Stickers

8. Lookbook

includes 2 revisions
time frame: 3 weeks
individual items & pricing available upon request



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